Stephanie Newkirk in Tongass National Forest photo by David Middleton
Tongass National Forest August, 2016


My first environmental exploration was with rocks.    I would fill my red wagon full and those rocks would entertain me for hours.   Of course I was only eight years old and not allowed to leave my yard.

Somehow despite my childhood fascinations with nature.  I found myself graduating law school and developing a law practice in estate planning and tax.   I practiced estate/tax law for 16 years, but during this time I also developed a passion for travel.   October, 2009 I made a trip to Thailand with a little different twist, a volunteer vacation.    I feel in love with the country and the children at the orphanage.   It really changed my perspective.   Until 2013, I continued my travel and volunteering.   I discovered real stories about a countries, the environment, and cultures once I left the traditional tourist path.

My photography journey was an unexpected surprise that started in January, 2014 after retiring from the law firm.   At first professional photography was scarcely a thought as friends nudged me to take more pictures.   Just as the thought started to take root, I had a stranger on one of my flights ask about my photography website.   He had been sitting behind me on the plane as I edited my photos.   It was the final push I needed.   Although looking back, I am not sure if it was my photography or the just hatched sea turtles.  Maybe he just really liked those sea turtles.

As I have learned about the digital camera and photography the last two years, I have continued to travel and volunteer.   Now I am learning about websites and Social Media, how to interact and share my journey.   For years my family and friends have complained that I did not have a blog.   My sister even bought me a book on blogging.  Hint! Hint!

So who am I right now?  I am an aspiring environmentalist with a camera…motivated to learn more about how to sustain our beautiful earth and share along the way.   We will see where the next few years lead.   Life should always be an unexpected journey.    My future may be as a documentary photographer, photojournalist or maybe I will find my way back to the law, but this time in the environmental sector.   As they say-only time will tell!

Here is a glimpse of what I have been up to the last few years!